Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My Self

Assalamualaikum ~
hye girls boys out there.. Gonna tel you something about me.
Who is me? Gonna be a doctor for ummah 10 years more inshaaALLAH ~
My name mean's is Teacher for you or in arabic they call driver ;)
How old am I right now? I wan born on 22 May 1997 in Kedah Medical Centre (KMC) .
Where am I right now? you mean I where I live right? I stay in Berlin, London..hehehe just a joke !
Baling laaaa..~

hah? you want to see my pic?here you can ...~

waits !

Wanna wear a niqab one day.. InshaaAllah (with His Permission)
I need to Istiqamah first what I wanna do~Pray for me !THANKS
Need ur dua' and support guys ~

That's all Allah love you  guys.
Believe in Him.
He knows what better for us.
La tahzan,
Innallah ha ma'ana.
May Allah bless all of u ;)
future Imam  .Allah love u.So I'll love you.